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    Nimi Max

    Sliding Headstock Automation CNC lathe

    This series offers the most efficient and cost-saving solution for mass production for 25mm complex parts, i.e medical parts, IT parts.

    Advanced Multi-Tasking Lathe (i-42 Ultimate)

    The i-42 Ultimate designation comprises of 10 axis and 4 spindles which includes a sub spindle with both X and Z positioning. This also marks the integration of the driven tools having a powerful B- axis milling for simultaneous and efficient machining.
    i42 Ultimate

    Advanced Multi-Tasking Lathe (T8 Hybrid-Y)

    Cycle time can be saved up to 45%. Flexible duo system simultaneous. The system allows running 2 programs simultaneously

    Complex Turning and Milling Machine (i-42 Eco)

    This 4 axis gang tooling lathe is an affordable alternative to a turret type,C-axis lathe.
    i42 Eco

    Double Sided Turret (T8MY)

    This new series offers the best conditions for challenging turning or milling operation and is designed primarily for heavy duty turning/milling operation with great mass production efficiency.

    Advanced Multi-Tasking Lathe (S42 ATM)

    The medical market is highly regulated, require high precision, performance and reliability; lives depend on accurate machining performed by experienced professionals.
    S42 ATM