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    Home appliances play a major role in the domestic life of the modern man. It has always had a significant place in the life of man ever since the Stone Age when man began to use tools. Today, the twenty-first century human beings use more sophisticated tools and home appliances for his daily life. The more we try to make our life convenient and comfortable, the more significant the role of appliances turns out to be in determining the life style of man.
    Home appliances are electrical/mechanical appliances which accomplish some household functions, such as cooking or cleaning. Household appliances are the important appliances which are used in our household for the various day to day functions like cooking, cleaning, exercising, purifying, food preservation etc. The majority of household domestic appliances are the large machines usually used in the bed rooms, bath rooms, halls and in kitchen. The appliances which are used in a kitchen accomplish some routine housekeeping task such as cooking, food preservation and cleaning. The household appliances have a major role in the stylish appearance of any home d├ęcor. This makes the ambience of any room quite beautiful and at good appearance. An air conditioner and refrigerator are now commonly used due to the hot climate. This will give some sort of cooling and refreshment. The refrigerators help to keep the food items and vegetables fresh for a long time. The major appliances used in every household include refrigerators, mixer grinder, grinder, gas stove, pressure cooker, TVs, air conditioner, music players, home theatre, digital players, ceiling fan, air purifier, personal computers, vacuum cleaners, iron boxes, water purifier, water heater, digital clocks etc. It incurs a big investment on purchasing these household appliances essential for the present modern life. The uptrends in technology and innovations made the home appliances more user friendly making the home routines as quick as possible


    The growing popularity of smart home appliances is among key home appliance industry trends. Smart home appliances are devices which are connected to other devices via the internet, and other technologies such as Bluetooth, near field communication (NFC) and Wi-Fi. The increased popularity of smart appliances can be attributed to the increased demand for smart homes, the rise in internet and smartphone penetration, and energy efficiency initiatives. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology also supports the development of smart appliances. Smart appliances are generally more energy-efficient than their traditional counterparts. Currently, various product categories such as washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and coffee machines are available with smart and connected features.


    In order to compete efficiently in the local and international market, If you want to enter the field recently, you must seek to build a good reputation for it in the field, Maintaining the quality of its products, as Japan did – and this path requires effort, and Continuous hard work. Some companies seek to obtain a license from one of the companies.
    The giant with an international trade name – and others are seeking to establish a project Joint with foreign companies in order to get with the project a good reputation enjoyed by the parent company. And after it establishes its feet in the markets, it can Offer their own designs. And you obtain from the main company an approval to export produced.
    Build confidence in the product is necessary to maintain the gains made in exports, this element includes several things that must be taken into account in the various stages of production starting With a design that must be durable and reflect an advanced technological level, It needs maintenance at frequent intervals. Also, the delivery of the product must take place in, in addition to the fact that after-sales services are necessary to gain customer satisfaction

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