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    CNC Machinery

    High Performance High Accuracy Machine Tools

    We offer the most dependable, rigid, and precise CNC machine tools for all industries. We provide
    state-of-the-art, heavy duty machine tools at very competitive prices. We choose the best machines
    from a variety of CNC OEMs to match the best solution for your application.
    TONGTAI Machine Tools. Co., Ltd
    50 Years of Sturdy Technology Foundation. TONGTAI was the Taiwanese OEM for Hitachi Seiki for many decades. TONGTAI builds the state-of-art CNC machines of diverse types and offers Japanese quality, precision and performance with affordable price. Discover More
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    Asia Pacific Elite Corp. (APEC)
    APEC CNC Solutions offers automotive and aerospace manufacturers the superior performance, flexible and reliable double column machine tools. Essential to the production of complex parts as well as manufacturing of plastic molds, castings, forging dies, and other precision tooling. Discover More
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    HONOR SEIKI Co., Ltd
    HONOR SEIKI is the most professional and largest machine tool builder of CNC Vertical Turning Centers in Taiwan. HONOR SEIKI is developing heavy duty Vertical Lathes meeting the highest standards in precision, efficiency and reliability. Discover More
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    Quick-Tech Machinery Co., Ltd
    Quick-Tech is focusing on developing an innovative multi-tasking turn-milling machines which are quite different from others machine builders. Quick-Tech is developing the small high precision machines which helps manufactures to produce high accuracy complex small parts with mass production. Discover More
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    EXCETEK EDM Machinery
    EXCETEK is focusing on the development of innovative EDM machines, offering an integrated full fledged EDM solutions. EXCETEK is one of the leading manufactures of Wire cut EDM machines across the Taiwan manufactures and providing world class quality assurance. Discover More
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