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    About us

    We Know What Drives Your Success

    Today, machining is more than just about turning, milling, drilling and threading. Perfection and precision are merely a stepping stone. It’s much more, It’s about goals that still seem unattainable and about solutions that still seem unimaginable today, but will already become our new benchmark.

    Digital Workshop is a dedicated CNC solutions provider that offers competitive, easy to customize, affordable, integrated CNC solutions along with superior technical support and know-how transfer.
    DWS vision
    Digital Workshop puts the knowledge and experience of hundreds of CNC masters in your hands along with our integrated solutions. If you’re looking for real competitive solutions to meet the challenges that lie ahead, you’ll find us. Digital Workshop offers you the best value for your money.

    Creating The Future

    Digital Workshop is standing for solutions that mark milestones in machining, helping you reach your goals right on target more rapidly and reliably. Solutions that make your projects more efficient and effective with a keen understanding of your business realities.

    WE ARE here to help manufacturers embracing the future of machining things via providing best fit CNC machines, cutting tools, CAD/CAM Software, training, consultation, optimizing machining process, improving workshop itself, reducing machining cost, reducing customer time to market, help customer avoiding risks and developing his machining business.